Meet an entrepreneur of the Bluezone of Kaloum

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“The Blueincubateur is a real hope for the Guinean youth” according to Camara Rashid, a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering from the Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry. Specialized in manufacturing and mechanical design, Rachid is also one of many entrepreneurs who frequently visit the Bluezone of Kaloum.

rachid 4

For over 8 months, Rachid has been subscribing to the Bluezone of Kaloum, a space that allows him to manage his activities, “the Bluezone allowed me to advance in my projects through the Blueincubateur that I discovered there 6 months ago. I work with other contractors on the design of a web platform that will remotely manage anything that can affect the maintenance of cars and other rolling equipment, “he explains.

For Rachid Camara, the Bluezone of Kaloum is an ideal framework for the implementation of his ideas and projects: “With the Bluezone, I have everything I need: a ventilated space, a high speed internet connection that allows me to do my research, electricity to recharge my work equipment. But also a relaxing setting for my daily sports activities after work hours, “he says. This fan of weightlifting dream of seeing one day a weight room installed on one of Guinea’s Bluezones.