The Bluetrain on track

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After 20 years of absence, the initials trials on two locomotives were made on the 1st of December 2014. Trials have been conclusive and acclaimed by the population of Dixinn.


Through the combined efforts of the Ivorian experts of SITARAIL and Guinean experts of SNCFG the two locomotives have been rehabilitated, and passenger cars have been harnessed.

The Bluetrain will be able to restart in the coming weeks. A fruit of the partnership between BlueLine and SNCFG , National Society of Guinean Railways. This Bluetrain will connect Kaloum to Kagbélen.

Formerly called ‘Tanka’, these locomotives used to connect Kaloum to the outskirts of Conakry. With a reception capacity of 300 seats, with six cars, the Bluetrain is an alternative to road transportation of the population to the suburbs of Conakry in particular … This new mode of transport will ameliorate traffic flow in Conakry. The Bluetrain will not only ensure transit, but also connect Kaloum to future Bluezones