The creation of start-ups in Guinea: a reality!

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With the Blueincubateur launched by Blueline Guinea in partnership with the World Bank, the APIP and AGUIPE, this space open to the world is dedicated to the creation and development of innovative companies. THIS first co-working space in the country enables companies to benefit from a favorable growth environment.



Twenty project leaders and entrepreneurs were present at the official presentation of the project on January 31. They are the forerunners of the creation of start-ups in the Blueincubateur at their disposal in the Bluezone.

Imagine a friendly place where collocation space is required, where project leaders from all backgrounds work together. Imagine a place where the heterogeneity of various social skills creates unlimited wealth and new professional solidarity. Imagine a place where you have access to offices, work tools and software, internet and unlimited electricity free of costs. This space is a reality in Bluezone Kaloum.