The future opening of an incubator for young entrepreneur at Kaloum

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September 29 2014

Young Guinean entrepreneurs represent a hope for sustainable economic growth in the country.

This is why the Bluezones will provide them with a supportive ecosystem to grow their business.

Before the end of the year, will open on Bluezone Kaloum, the first incubator for young entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and the willingness to launch a business but may not necessarily have the means to get there without help and without adequate infrastructure.

The objective of this platform is to bring together young people who represent the forefront of digital and promote innovation in Guinea. Connected and user-friendly working spaces will be made available to members as well as meeting and communication systems to facilitate international trade.

The goal is to create a community and foster exchanges and share experiences and skills via the social network Whaller, where collaborative spaces will be reserved for young entrepreneurs.

The service will also provide ad hoc assistance offers based on project maturity. Young entrepreneurs will be surrounded by international partners who will provide advice and assistance and identify young talent. Partnerships with media groups (Havas), consultants in ICT (Polyconseil) or major players in the digital market (Google, twitter…) will be set up to enable young people to take advice from the most experienced professionals.