An unforgettable Christmas: 1000 gifts for 1000 children

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The Bluezone Kaloum endowed with its finest lights, received on Christmas day, a thousand children from all social strata. Blueline Guinea teams mobilized to provide thousands of toys to all the children.

Noel modif

Despite a certain gloom due to the Ebola epidemic, the Bluezone of Kaloum wanted to give a little magic to children to make Christmas unforgettable.

Christmas lights illuminate the various buildings in the Bluezone, garlands and suspensions adorn the walls, a tree sits in the show room and a Christmas market is erected in the great hall. Until dawn, the Bluezone continues to sparkle with electric garlands.

This festive spirit is maintained until December 24, the day the Bluezone welcomed children from various horizons: orphans, disadvantaged children, children of Bolloré staff in Guinea. In total more than 1000 children responded to the appointment of Santa Claus and his truck did not miss landing at the Bluezone.

The day began with a breakfast and continued with a show that sounded the opening of the festivities. 2000 small eyes focused on the actors of the show” Autour du fromager: contons”. This first gift to the children won the hearts and triggered a real euphoria. For many, it was a great joy to attend a play for the first time.

For over three hours, the entire staff of Blueline Guinea mobilized to give a gift to every little hand up.

The holiday spirit was shared from one hand to the other and spread far beyond the walls of the Bluezone.