Blueciné: A new film screenings on the Bluezone

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The Bluezone of Kaloum Blueciné launches a new weekly program of film screenings followed by discussions. After the cartoon “Aya of Yop City”, the movie “La Pirogue” of Moussa Touré, was honored on May 2.


The Blueciné reinforces the opportunity given to Guinean youth to learn on the Bluezone through ICT and movies. Each week, current, historical or adventure movies are shown and allow blueliners to travel through time, to learn and to discover other worlds.

At the end of each screening, the blueliners share their views through a discussion led by the Production House HOLOWABA, made up of end of cycle students of the Institute of Arts of Guinea.

” La Pirogue ”, a topical movie allowed to question the problem of illegal immigration. Through the debates initiated at the end of the screening, the audience proposed some solutions through poignant testimonies.

For Isabelle Louise Leah Ellis, moved to tears in the light of what she saw, “I’m not willing to risk my life to be on the other side; on the pretext that one lives better over there. I feel good here at home and I encourage young Africans not to risk their lives. ”

A powerful message that brought Steven Massendé, student, to ask for a replay of the film to reach as many people as possible on this very important subject. “We do not need to move to succeed. We just need to be dynamic, courageous and objective to get what we want here, “he concludes