Employability development in Guinea: 1000 young people trained on Bluezone

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The international firm Business Group (IBG) offered free training on job search technique and socio-professional integration, entrepreneurship and business creation to over 1,000 young people on the 27, 28 and 29 March 2015.



According to the firm, the three days of training came from an observation on the ground. The majority of job seekers do not know how to write a CV, a cover letter, a job application or conduct a job interview. The aim is to help job seekers better prepare their applications. Since 2010, the firm has trained 4,500 young people in Guinea in 13 prefectures, and aim to cover the 33 prefectures of the country before the end of 2015.

For Moustapha Sylla, the training officer, Bluezone was the only appropriate place for such a meeting: “This is a great center that will enable young people to assert themselves on the international stage in terms of training. A space dedicated to entrepreneurship and the pursuit of excellence, “he argued.

Following this training, all participants received a certificate justifying their attendance at the various modules.