Female entrepreneurs on the Bluezone of Kaloum

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Women and girls took over the Bluezone of Kaloum for a constructive exchange on ways and means for their empowerment through entrepreneurship.

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AFRICAN WOMEN’S ENTREPRENEURSHIP, an organization that works to empower women and girls, organized on June 25, training for girls, to encourage self-sustainability and empower them.

Through testimonies of women entrepreneurs, young girls were able to understand the skills they must acquire in order to create their own businesses. Skits on the empowerment of women but also advice and recommendations of Kimberly Phelan rights activist Women, mentor of the organization for the empowerment of women in Guinea and Cultural Affairs Advisor of the Embassy of USA in Guinea, punctuated the meeting.

In the opinion of the participants, called to take their destiny in hand, it’s time that women launch their own businesses. “When women have their own businesses, they flourish,” says Mariam Barry, actress. “We women, we have many ideas and projects, but we do not know how to build a strong business plan and find the required funding. This training will allow us to take our lives in hand by becoming entrepreneurs, “adds Hassanatou, one of the participants.