Festiblue seen throgh the eyes of Cheick Omar

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FESTIBLUE is imposing itself in Conakry as a major cultural event. More than 2300 young people from the capital responded to the monthly meeting of the Blue Zone. For over three hours, confirmed or budding artists share the FESTIBLUE stage with flare.



Cheick Oumar, R & B artist, singer, songwriter, gives us his impressions of the event and the FESTIBLUE scene.

Cheick Oumar, why participates in FESTIBLUE?

The FESTIBLUE scene is becoming unavoidable in Conakry. She gave me the opportunity to exercise my art. This is an exceptional stage for Guinean artists. An artist needs to express themselves on stage to evolve and be in touch with their audience, and FESTIBLUE gives me this opportunity. Even in times of Ebola, the Bluezone sets up a safe sanitary environment where we can share with our fans in peace.

Tell us about the public of FESTIBLUES?

FESTIBLUES is constantly evolving. I attended all three editions; each time we have more fans that come from all over to support us. The public is great, people are having fun and we feel it on stage. We thrill the audience, and they give us the energy to bring out the best of ourselves.

What do you think of FESTIBLUE hallmark of which is the live music?

Live music is very difficult, but essential. It must be encouraged in order to allow an artist to evolve.

This bilingual multi-talented artist began to imitate Michael Jackson during school fairs when he was only 12 years old. Cheered by his peers, Cheick Omar has created a rap group  Woodnit’x  with Kemy of Self Defence and Lyricson. Not abandoning his first love, he launched with the US label “RU Ready Music Group” his first album “A Love Story” on sale on iTunes.

Don’t miss the appointment for the next edition of FESTIBLUE on Thursday, April 30th , the major event of the Guinean art scene.

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