Improving girls retention in schools at the Bluezone

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“Equity in schools, the path of excellence” is the theme of the inter-municipal and the inter-school meeting that brought together hundreds of young people on the Bluezone of Kaloum. The NGO CLAMPADE-YOUNG, the Club of Friends for Peace and Youth Development, organized the second edition of this competition to promote the retention of girls and reduce inequalities between girls and boys.

La persévérance scolaire des jeunes filles sur la Bluezone

In Guinea, the many barriers to the enrollment of girls due to prejudice and cultural stereotypes are an obstacle to their success. Based on this observation, CLAMPADE-YOUNG tries to implement actions to facilitate the integration, retention and performance of girls in school.

CLAMPADE-YOUNG implemented a cultural competition in four parts, including spelling, mental arithmetic, trivia questions, and fast search in a dictionary. The Modern School of Guinea emerged victorious thanks to two of its candidates, including a girl.

According to Bangaly Bangoura, President of the NGO “our competition aim is to show that girls are just as smart as boys. We must deconstruct the prevailing culture in Guinea that wants girls to not excel as much as boys. »

CLAMPADE-YOUNG, throughout its various actions promotes the retention of girls and guarantee of a common culture of fairness and excellence.