September 28 High Schools students at the school of writing

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Blueline Guinea  a partner of the 7th edition of the 72H of the book, under the theme “Book, Science, Climate and Environment”, organized on the Bluezone of Kaloum, a writing workshop and an exhibition with the theme ‘Words of the city ”.



Following a writing workshop co-organized by Blueline Guinea and the structure The Muse, a dozen of the best students from one of the secondary schools of Kaloum benefited from this training.

For ten days, these students diligently learned the techniques of artistic writing in order to describe the environmental situation they experience in the capital. “We buy perfumes for millions to make the smell of our clothes nicer, while the stench of our cities prevents girls from smelling these perfumes» writes Nourdine Sidibé, one of the learners.

” The 17 ills of the city ” describe the unhealthy situation in which Conakry, the capital languished. This is one way for these students to attract the attention of each other on the protection of the environment, one of the themes of this book festival.

For the trainer Bilia Bah, this initiative for students is one of the best things to do. “Better, we should introduce into the school curriculum, artistic writing in order to get students to become interested in reading, writing and finally in books, which are tools for personal development and the development of the country. »

Note that all learners took pride in their work, enthusiastically welcomed this training at the Bluezone Kaloum and are willing to take up again this “great adventure”.