The Cid at the Bluezone of Kaloum

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Tragedy and comedy, love and honor, the Cid of Corneille in a Mandingo universe establishes itself at the Bluezone for a performance. Ansoumane Djessira Condé, director give us his impressions.



Where did the idea to create this piece come from?

The Cid is a proposal of Daniel Couriol, director of the French-Guinean Cultural Centre CCFG, a man of theater and humor. The theme: love and honor have a strong resonance in Guinea’s cultural universe. The play is built into the social context of the country where often loves gives in to honor. This is the case in many relationships, where young people from different castes cannot marry

I transposed the story of the Cid in the Mandingo framework; it gives me the opportunity to treat the play with a language and customs of a cultural space known to all.

The Bluezone is a composite space where people from different backgrounds and heterogeneous level of education come together, how did you grasp this?

As part of its policies, the CCFG is decentralizing its theatrical creations to give people the opportunity to meet new audiences. The Bluezone is a major opportunity that we seized with pleasure. The Bluezone is not a conventionnal space.

It is perfectly adapted for the stage as the CCFG, both from a space and public point of view. During the performance, there are people who surf the net quietly, others play, football not far away.

Staging must adapt to the context and the environment and that is what I did, adapting the play to the Bluezone.

The Cid is also a much more accessible text than Tartuffe by Molière for example. The public therefore had no trouble getting into the universe of the Cid.

We must also say that the actors do not play the sameway at the Bluezone than elsewhere. The space being outside, the acoustics are different, the room longer in length, it requires more effort