Theatre, a show and a concert for “A Sharp Evening” organized at the Bluezone

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A sharp pen, lyrical comedians, seasoned spectators at a welcoming Bluezone, such was the scenery offered by «A sharp evening” of Souleymane Bah Thianguêl. Freedom of expression is the basis of the writings of this renowned author who without complex scrutinize the cultural capital of the Guinean civilization. No social censorship hinders his statements which voluntarily play on provocation with mastery and skill.

soirée tranchante

Thianguêl an actor, director, teacher and columnist talks about his satirical writings and this memorable evening.


Edgy Columns » is the title of your book published by Harmattan Guinea, why «A sharp Evening” on the Bluezone?

In Guinea, people do not read much; they prefer to go see a play, a show, a concert. «A sharp evening” combines these different artistic disciplines to encourage people to listen to a text in another way. It’s also a way to associate to my thinking, the various artists who have worked with me over the years.

Where did you get the idea for the columns?

My first columns are from 2003 after a return to Guinea. I found that there were many problems in the governance of the country, so I decided to write “The strangled destiny” published in the newspaper the Lynx. In 2013, my publication on my Facebook page attracted attention. A friend advised me to create a page on this network fully dedicated to my thoughts. Following the success of the Facebook page, two radio stations broadcasted my texts.

Why the choice of Bluezone?

I want to see a multiplication and a variety of artistic expression.  We need different spaces dedicated to art. The Bluezone is such a space. It contributes to the emergence and the effervescence of artistic expression. I also wanted to let my readers and those who hear me discover another world and have a different vision of my writings.