Women’s leadership celebrated at the Bluezone of Kaloum

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The promotion of women is an imperative in the socio-cultural Guinean environment. For this purpose, the Centre for Women Citizenship and Peace and the Embassy of the United States celebrated women’s leadership on May 21st at the Bluezone of Kaloum.


Marie-Claire Tchecola a nurse and  Ebola survivor  and was awarded the International Women of Courage Award by the US State Department, was once again recognized for her unwavering commitment to  people in the fight against Ebola. For Marie-Claire “My mission remains the same: to disseminate these messages to skeptics. Ebola is real, but we can overcome it. Ebola is real but we can survive the disease as I did. ”

Diaka Camara, TV presenter and creator of the documentary “1 saves 100” in partnership with UNICEF, has been nominated for her conviction and boldness. “I love my job and I give it my 100% to succeed. Nothing is impossible, and above all a determined woman is unstoppable, “she said.

Madina Thiam, creator of Madina Magazine, nominated for her creativity and talent, was keen to encourage all women to undertake.

“Regardless of the area in which you practice, do it with heart and courage to achieve your dreams.”