Guinea: connection to the world

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October 2014

Bluezones contribute towards expanding Internet access in order to connect Guinea to the rest of the African continent and to the rest of the world.

They are an essential tool for the economic and social development of the country.

With its self-sufficient technologies and intelligent Wi-Fi network, the Bluezone is set to become a veritable hive of activity, fostering relationships between individuals and providing a window to the world.

The BollorÈ Group staff responsible for these spaces are making every effort to provide the necessary means for the digital development of the country.

The technologies the Bluezone offers local people will contribute towards reducing the digital divide that is so evident in Africa, where a large number of countries are still unable to benefit fully from the Internet. This handicap can often prevent those with ideas for projects from launching or growing their businesses.

The Bluezone offers a truly connected infrastructure, which allows users to form relationships with various actors within the local economy and to connect with international partners in order to promote innovation.