Wi-Fi connection using Wifirst technology

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October 2014

The Bluezone allows visitors to surf the net, creating a digital link that connects Guinea with the rest of Africa and with the rest of the world.

This service is made possible through the use of technology developed by Wifirst.

Founded in France in 2002, Wifirst is an Internet access provider that specialises in the deployment of Internet networks in residential areas. Wifirst has brought its expertise to the Bluezone to set up an intelligent Wi-Fi network.
Thus, the Bluezone has become a truly collective digital space, capable of offering various activities and facilities, such as a cyber-cafÈ, a media centre, a cinema and an e-learning centre where users can complete various courses.

The Internet infrastructure, established with the assistance of Polyconseil, is completely self-sufficient and Wifirst manages the quality of the service in real time so as to ensure that users can avail of the best possible connection.

The entire Wi-Fi network, along with all of the computers present in the Bluezone, is supplied with energy though the solar power station, which is connected to LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries produced by Blue Solutions. Finally, this electricity is connected to the local telecommunications network to allow an Internet infrastructure to be established from which everyone in the Bluezone can benefit.