The Blueliners are trained to use the social network Whaller

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The Bluezone of Kaloum provides training opportunities on the new social network Whaller for young people from the capital. The eLearning room equipped with Wi-Fi, and latest generation computers, powered by solar energy provides qualifying courses.

formation Whaller

Weekly training takes place to allow young Guineans to discover the Web 2.0 by creating and organizing their own private networks safely.

The objective of the training is to push them to become budding surfers and maximize their use of new information technologies. Young blueliners immerse themselves and learn to create personal, professional and institutional spheres as needed. During several hours in this new environment they were able to exchange and sharpen their sense of community.

The sphere “Blueliners” of Whaller is the information portal on all that is happening at the Blue Zone, and the training ground to better understand the new tool at their disposal.

It is in this sphere that young people are aware of the training offered, sports and recreational activities …

The sphere “Blueliners” is the sharing and echange mode of information for all at the Blueline.