African wrestling at the Bluezone

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The sound of drums paces the wrestling, the crowd by its singing cheers on the victors; an air of yesteryear animates the Bluezone, a modern space. Under a burning sun and in an arena enclosed by sandbags, wrestlers are reviving a traditional and timeless practice.



Halfway between tradition and modernity, culture and sport, the African wrestling combines finesse with raw art of hand to hand combat. Sometimes the duel lasts only a few seconds, but the show nonetheless electrifies the crowd. Appreciated for its values of fair play, endurance and self-confidence, the African wrestling is coming out of the shadows.

The African wrestling exhibit itself at the Bluezone for professional development and rapid national growth. The Bluezone of Kaloum, with its spaces adapted to this traditional sport, its engaged community of youth, its global connectivity is the ideal setting to promote this discipline.

Young women and men competed in an inter-wrestling tournament to demonstrate their skill. Some have bitten the sand, others have raised their heads. The palpable excitement that this tournament has raised, promises a bright future for this traditional sport in Guinea.