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Fanta-Gym, black belt, first dan, gym teacher and professional masseuse is one of the icons of the Bluezone. Since the opening of the site, she’s been sharing  her 35 years of experience in fitness with members of the Bluezone.


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Where did your passion for  gymnastics start?

I met a Cubano-guinean named Safy who was on her gym mats. I immediately had a crush for the movements she drew with her body and I decided to be like her. My experience as a karateka helped me better understand gymnastics.

Why have you decided to give classes at the Bluezone?

I used to work with the red berets soldiers at the Petit Palais, but I decided to get involved with youth to pass on my love of sport. I love Bluezone because my work is recognized by people from diverse backgrounds. Here, amenities facilitate the work. For example, my apprentices can drink on site. The Bluezone gives me the opportunity to teach courses in the evening, this space is lit, unlike other districts of Conakry. Moreover, most of my clients are academics or workers that are available only in the evening.

What to do to subscribe to Fanta-Gym?

To join the Fanta-Gym club, you have to pay 50 000 GNF monthly.

What are the challenges you face?

My  lack of equipment such as gym mats, steps etc is my main concern. These equipments are not easily found in Guinea. Most of the time you have to buy them overseas. I do not have the means to do so yet, but I am working on it.

Quel est le dernier mot de Fanta-Gym ?

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