“Stop Ebola, together we will overcome the virus”

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 This is the slogan that the youth have repeated in chorus on October 18 at the Bluezone of Kaloum. The municipality of Kaloum solicited the Bolloré Group to raise awareness among young people. More than 200 people were present and received messages on hygiene issued from health professionals.


The Defense Minister and sponsor of Kaloum, Abdoul Camara Kabele called on young people to be more vigilant, “Ebola is a reality and the virus is deadly. I invite you to spread the message in your various homes to eradicate this disease. ”
Mohamed Bangoura Saloum, Deputy Director of The Health Services of the Army pointed out, in the vernacular, that simple actions can save: “let’s avoid consuming bush meat, signal suspected cases as soon as possible by calling 115 free on all networks. Let’s favor hand washing with chlorine and bleach. «The message was received loud and clear by the young.