Street interview on the basketball field of the Bluezone of Kaloum

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The Bluezone of Kaloum has become, in a few months, the favorite place of meetings and exchanges for young people in Conakry. “Verbatim.


A space with internet connection, drinking water and light, the basketball court of the Bluezone of Kaloum has become a place where young girls and boys of all ages, come to practice or demonstrate their talents. It’s also a center where relationships are made. This is indeed what comes out from those who responded to our questions.

Fatoumata Diallo Saran, 16 years old, Kaloum: “I just play basketball on the Bluezone because it’s a meeting place for young people where we can exchange. Also, I live near the site and it allows me to stay much longer on the court thanks to the light and security offered by the Bluezone. As for basketball, I practice because it is my dream. And I want to be a professional player.

Ibrahim Cherif Haidara, 20 years old, Kaloum “I come to Bluezone to be with all my friends. I can also practice my favorite sport. And I’m happy to be here. »

Oumou Diallo Khourtoumi, 14 years old, Kaloum: “I prefer to train at the Bluezone because it’s close to home and it is a beautiful leisure area. We stay late to practice without even noticing, thanks to the light. My preference for basketball is the fact that it is the most complete sport. »

Sory Kaba, 20 years old, Kaloum: “My dream is to become a professional player and I think it will happen through the Bluezone. Before the construction of this space, I trained in the courtyard of my school or in the street. A street that, although dirty, was always contested by football players and basketball players. This clean and secure basketball field of the Bluezone really makes you want to play, unlike the places I visited before. This is why I do not miss a training day. I do not hesitate to bring my friends and brothers on the Bluezone, which I am so proud of. »