The administrator of UNDP Helen Clark on the Bluezone of Kaloum

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On an official visit to Guinea, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark stopped on Friday, February 13 at the Bluezone of Kaloum to proceed with the official presentation of equipment, intended for strengthening the fight against Ebola.


These gifts, including motorcycles, generators, screens and satellite dishes are for prefectural directors, youth inspectors in the countryside, the five municipalities of Conakry and local youth spaces in Guinea so as to increase their capacity to mobilize and raise awareness about the epidemic Ebola.

Mrs Clark said: “I salute all those involved for months in the fight against Ebola. Today we must continue these efforts all together – States, international partners and civil society – to totally eradicate the virus. ”

Mrs Clark also urged people to stop unfounded rumors that spread unrest both in the capital and inside the country.