The bluezone of Kaloum vibrated at the rhythm of the CAN 2015

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The CAN at the  Bluezone of Kaloum , was groups numbering in the thousands and holding one flag, red, yellow and green and a unique totem : the elephant of Syli. The  Syli National : a team that young and old, youth and adults endorsed.

Can 2015

The pulse of the Bluezone of Kaloum beat to the rhythm of the soccer games of Guinea. In the image of the city, the Bluezone, the epicenter of all the fervor, pulsated its energy. In each building, giant screens were erected, TV screens were set up for an entire population to live at the sound of  the CAN 2015. To sustain the Syli effect, business companies and youth form the neighborhoods participated in tournaments organized by HAVAS Africa Guinea at the Bluezone.

A wink at  soccer and at the Bluezone of Kaloum: the famous African film “Golden Ball” which had some scenes shot on the site of the Bluezone where the land was a wasteland at that time, was broadcast on February 6 in the presence of Sheikh Doukouré director and the lead actor. This screening was a real moment of exchange with the public on the importance of soccer for the Guinean youth. The final of the CAN, in turn, attracted more than a 1000 spectators.