The radio show « Ebola Chrono » broadcast at the Bluezone

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Continue to raise awareness in the fight against the Ebola virus: this is the objective of the listening and awareness session organized at the initiative of the American NGO Internews. A group of twenty young people took part in this exchange which also allowed the collection of their comments on the program “Ebola Chrono”


“Ebola Chrono” an Internews radio show broadcast over fifty radio stations in Guinea since January 19, 2015, helped raise awareness on the disease. The favorable environment of the Bluezone, enabled a critical debate for the understanding of the disease. To enable young people to listen to the program at any time and in any place, Internews offered them a solar radio.

For Ibrahima Kalil Sylla, one of the participants “this new tool that we have at our disposal, < allow us to better assume our roles as information relays." According to Sophie Messan, Health Communication Liaison Officer at Internews, the program "Ebola Chrono" was created to meet the need for information related to the Ebola epidemic. This show, which is produced by a team of young journalists from Guinean from two production centers in Conakry and N'Zérékoré, allows the public to be informed about the disease, methods of prevention and management modes. "The primary motivation for the program" Ebola Chrono "is therefore to inform the Guineans on all aspects of the disease, and explain to them that one can heal from it," says Sophie Messan.