The Red Cross on the Bluezone for an awareness day against Ebola

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At the announcement of the International Day of the Red Cross celebrated every year on May 8, the Municipal Committee of the Red Cross of Kaloum organized on May 2 on the Bluezone a day of awareness and information against the Ebola hemorrhagic fever and on dignified and secure funerals worthy and secure (DSF).



The aim was to explain to participants the principles and humanitarian values of the Red Cross, the role played by the committee in the fight against Ebola through its communication strategy for the final eradication of the virus. It is the art of the scene that the Red Cross chose to educate 200 students from different schools of Kaloum present at this event through a skit showing the techniques deployed by the Red Cross workers at dignified and secure funerals (DSF).

For Amadou Baldé Djouldé, Director of the communication and reporting department of the Red Cross Kaloum, the logistics and the availability of the Bluezone staff have facilitated these exchanges with young people.

The municipal committee of the Red Cross of Kaloum plans to expand its awareness campaign across the capital and thus invites other committees and associations to join this momentum to oust Ebola out of Guinea.