World Aids Day : Raising awareness on the Bluezone

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“Objective: Zero”: zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.  This is the theme of this year which the Bluezone Kaloum fully endorsed by inviting organizations to come and raise awareness.


Tidiane Touré, Psychosocial Manager at Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Belgium, explains the preference for individual awareness of today. For him, it helps to ensure that the message got through. “This method also allows us to evaluate the perception of the public about HIV-positive people because the illiteracy rate is very high in Guinea. People tend to stigmatize HIV-positive people even though they are with us to create awareness.” TidianeTouré explains that his structure which provides technical support to REGAP (Guinean Network of Associations of People Living with AIDS), set up the bubble theory which consist of informing and raising awareness by word of mouth.

During the 15 days of December, the REGAP in collaboration with MSF Belgium, toured areas frequented by young people to raise awareness. This explains their presence on the Bluezone Kaloum. Thus, employees of the Bluezone Kaloum and the Blueliners have benefited from awareness campaings animated by Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium and the REGAP.

For Maimouna Diallo and Mmahawa Sylla, both married, mothers and HIV positive, there’s no reason to hide this disease. They think that the 123,000 carriers of AIDS diagnosed in Guinea, should join forces to encourage those who are not able yet to overcome their fear and anxiety to face this disease.

For the record, December 1st 1988, the United Nations established an international day of struggle against HIV-AIDS.