Access to water: an inalienable right

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As a prelude to the International Water Day, celebrated annually on  the 22nd of March, the Bluezone of Kaloum hosted on March 20, the Water Conference with the theme “Water and Sustainable Development”.


The ceremony organized by the NGO ‘Carbon Guinea’, under the stewardship of  the Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic, in partnership with UN agencies, including UNICEF, was attended by many young people from associations that advocate for access to drinking water and sanitation.

While looking up at indicators on the situation in Guinea, Dr. Guy Yogo, Deputy Representative of UNICEF in Guinea, said that one out of four  Guinean lacks access to drinking water. “There is a huge challenge in the right to access water and sanitation, which is a human right and a reduction element of poverty”.

For Ibrahima Sory Sylla, President of the NGO Carbon Guinea, the campaign will allow initiators to strengthen the capacity of Guineans to facilitate their access to clean water and sanitation. “Ensuring sustainable access to water for all is the major challenge for development partners and government,” he said.

The ceremony ended with a plea for universal access to water and sanitation, the official presentation of the declaration of civil society to the President of the National Assembly, and the screening of a documentary film of 5 minutes on the right to access water and sanitation.

Recall that on the Bluezone of Kaloum members have permanent and free accesses to drinking water.