Drinking water: three questions asked to Souleymane Barry , electrical engineer

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Water, source of life, vital to the health, is produced on the Bluezone of Kaloum thanks to renewable energy produced by LMP batteries developed by Blue Solutions. Souleymane Barry, an electrician from the Bluezone of Kaloum explains how the water of the Blue Zone is generated.



How the water production system on the Bluezone does operate?

Water production is achieved through a well immersed at 38 m deep and then stored in a water tower. Part of the water is used for irrigation of green areas, and the other part is made fit for consumption through the water purification system. It is then redistributed in the fountains of the Bluezone.

What is the amount of water produced per day?

The Bluezone of Kaloum produces an average of 30 m3, 30 000 liters per day.

What are the difficulties related to the production systems?

One problem is the misuse of the fountains that leads to a waste of water. To remedy this, we are raising awareness and giving civic education to our members.

A situation confirmed by Mariam an adherent of the Bluezone who was drinking after her sport: “Water is vital and must not be wasted. Thanks to the fountains, we do not see water sachets on the site, “she explains.

For more information on the technology blueSolutions: visit www.blue-solutions.com