International Francophonie Day: Youth, environment, climate

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The Bluezone of Kaloum hosted the 45th International Francophonie Day with the theme: Youth, Environment and Climate. The Bolloré Group is in when it comes to raising awareness among the youth for a better use of energy, particularly green energy.


The Minister of Youth and Youth Employment, the ambassador of France, charges d’affaires of the French embassy and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Guineans Abroad were present to show their support for this initiative.

Guinea occupies a central position in the Francophonie, to address environmental and youth issues. The degradation of the environmental heritage is the major concern of young people, whom through the use of French as a language of communication without borders, works to convey strong messages for the preservation of their common property.

Youth has recognized the need to engage in a sustainable development. “Sustainable” means two things: first, to take advantage of technology transfer that will enable better use of energy (solar panels, LMP battery), but in the other hand change in advance consumers behaviors.

This is also what the Bluezone of Kaloum commits to, in collaboration with the French Institute of Guinea. They both co-organized two science exhibits for young people: one on the rainforests on which there is a good examples on Guinea, the second on “Energy for a sustainable world”, exhibition consisting of panels and interactive experiences.

More than 35,000 students will handle these new technologies on the Bluezone of Kaloum.