Sylvain Ndour on energy production on the Bluezone

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Assistant Technical Director of Conakry Terminal where he manages the port gear since 2011, Sylvain Ndour provided his expertise on the energy component when deploying Bluezones with Blue Solutions teams.



Tell us more about the production unit and power storage of the Bluezone?

The energy that is produced on the Bluezone comes from two fields of photovoltaic panels, on a floor area of 1000 m2. These panels are directly connected to two shelters filled with batteries which have an instantaneous production capacity of 100 KW. The Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) is produced by Blue Solutions, which specializes in energy storage system. In other words, photovoltaic panels capture sunrays, this energy is then sent in batteries within shelters to be stored and then the energy is redistributed, day or night, in the form of electricity.

What is the capacity of these batteries?

In each shelter there are six batteries which produce a total energy of 180 kWh. Which illuminate the playing fields, the theater, the green spaces, two giant screens, produce drinking water and provide a reliable internet connection with Wi-Fi.

In the rainy season, is the energy stored in the batteries sufficient to ensure complete autonomy?

Actually in all countries there are times when the sun is low. As for Guinea, August is the least sunny. LMP batteries have great autonomy and sizing is done to effectively address constraints during the year.

Therefore there are no real issues related to climate. We already had the experience in 2014 and we have not observed any breaking in continuity.