Kaloum Bluezone already has 5 000 members!

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7 September 2014

The Kaloum Bluezone passes the 5 000 member mark.

Two months after its inauguration, the Bluezone already has 5 000 members. This impressive achievement was celebrated at a huge party on 5 September last, which brought together all of the participants under the auspices of Moustapha Naïté, Minister of Youth and Youth Employment.
Today, Kaloum has become the symbol of development for the city of Conakry.
The ever-growing number of members it boasts a mere


Thus, the Bluezone will bring forth numerous projects such as the launch of a “Young Entrepreneurs’ Incubator” programme or e-learning courses thanks to a partnership between the universities of Conakry and the Lausanne Ecole Polytechnique.
Concerts, theatre shows and football match screenings are organised regularly, making the Bluezone a central point in the cultural life of Conakry.
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