Blueline Guinea at the Pond of Baro to combat environmental degradation

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Every year, Guinea celebrate the festival of the Pond of Barao also called “Dalamon”. Located in the prefecture of Kouroussa approximatively 550 km from the capital, the pond of Baro is now endangered if nothing is done to stop the degradation of its environment. Many volunteers from Africa and the world responded to the invitation.


Blueline Guinea, represented by Maname Diarra, administrator of the Bluezone of Kaloum took part for the first time in this great annual event.

Educate the elders of the community so that they relay information in places of worship to save the pond, recognize the village of Baro as World Heritage of Unesco, those were the objectives of the authorities this year. Maname, invited by the Embassy of France in Guinea was amazed by this beautiful endangered village. Her mission was to crisscross the various districts of Baro to invite the notables to preserve this cultural and historical heritage.

By participating in this event, Blueline Guinea contributes to the preservation of the heritage and the socio-economic development of the region.