Blueline Guinea at the service of youth!

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Explain, share, exchange, is the subject of the conference chaired by the Director of Operations of the Bluezones before distinguished guests, who came from the city council of Kaloum, media, opinion leaders and Blueliners.

conf bluezone

“The Blue Zone, an opportunity for the youth.” The theme of the meeting was an opportunity to revisit the history of the Bluezone of Kaloum and recall its main objectives which are to allow youth fulfillment, foster the spirit of initiative and promote entrepreneurship.

Emphasis was placed on the operating mode of the Bluezone and its various services. “Infrastructure, cultural events such as Festiblue, theater … allow us to occupy youth in an educational and entertaining way. We also help them to become their own employers through the incubator. “explained Kadija Bah.

Deputy Mayor of Kaloum, Mamadou Daye Kébé, said that the Bluezones were created at the right time because they promote the development and autonomy of youth.