Seven Bluezones to be opened in Guinea

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12 September 2014

A total of 7 Bluezones to be deployed in Guinea as part of the Bolloré Group project.

Bluezones will not only contribute towards improving access to electricity, but will also make a considerable improvement in the lives of young Guineans.


Each of these Bluezones, which will be distributed between Conakry and Kagbelen, will be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy and will occupy a surface area of between 2 and 4 hectares. These zones are intended to house living spaces where anything becomes possible: lighting, access to drinking water and the Internet, the provision of electrical outlets for recharging laptops and smartphones, but also Wi-Fi connections, fibre optic, learning and entertainment opportunities and the chance to realise value-added business projects.

The first Bluezone was opened in April 2014 in Kaloum, one of the working-class areas of Conakry. This controlled access urban area was neglected before it was transformed through a spectacular rehabilitation, which allowed the existing metal structure, was realistic replica of the Eiffel tower, to be preserved. Located close to the railway station, Kaloum is proof of how popular this concept has become with young people.

A project that is only the first of a total of 7. The Bolloré Group plans to open a second Bluezone in Dixinn, a densely populated sector of the city of Conakry. The proximity of the area to the University of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the largest in the country, Conakry Grand Mosque (Grande Mosquée Fayçal) and the large market at Madina will make the Dixinn Bluezone a place of exchange between generations.