Senator M. Christopher André Frassard visits the facilities of the Bluezone of Kaloum

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The Representative of French abroad, Mr. Senator Christophe Andre Frassard, visited the Bluezone of Kaloum , April 16, 2015.

Through a guided tour, the elect was able to appreciate all the components of the Bluezone of Guinea. From the Blueculture, to the spaces dedicated to blueliners -illuminted spaces, auditorium, sports facilities, Blueincubateur – through energy facilities: LMP batteries and Blue Solutions shelters, Mr. Frassard paid attention to every detail.

The Senator was very satisfied with the facilities of this Bluezone equiped with drinking water, wifi and light available to the Guinean people.  Mr. Frassard exchanged with children attending the Blueculture. He did some work with them on the tablets for this purpose.