The Basketball court of the Bluezone of Kaloum underwent a total makeover

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After three months of intense renovations, the basketball court, coveted by young pupils, students and employees, has a new look, to the delight of followers of this sport.

terrain de baket Bluezone Kaloum

This new space of basketball is now adapted to adverse weather conditions with a surface that resists rain. The basketball court of the Bluezone of Kaloum now has a dedicated space for training and another for competitions, which can accommodate 36 players at once and 1,000 spectators during games.

Thus, this basketball court is the only one in Guinea to be built in accordance with international standards, enabling it to host international competitions, including the ” Street Ball ”.

Result: the Bluezone of Kaloum will soon welcome the national basketball championship.

Magassouba Mohamed, one of the regulars of this basketball court, is eager to play again on this brand new space after work.

Thanks to permanent energy, basketball fans will soon be able to resume playing their favorite sport day and night.