The “Nights of Ramadan” on the Bluezone of Kaloum

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Upon ‘breaking the fast “Conakry youth is given an appointment on Bluezone. It is the privileged space of Guineans who, every night, reconnect to the world and exchange among them.

BZ nuit

Illuminated by the lights, connected to the energy produced by the Bolloré Group LMP batteries, the night owls of Conakry wander through the Bluezone. From one space to another, they form groups of size and diverse interests with a common point though: an electronic device connected to the Wi-Fi of the Bluezone.

You can see all the little lights emanating from tablets, PCs and phones turned on and connected. The digital talking seizes this living space in the middle of the night. Young basketball players capture on screen the successes of their teams and share them with their friends around the world. Others prefer to read digital magazines in the Room of Lights. Some repeat choreography for their upcoming performances in the concert hall. Others take selfies on the benches of the garden.

SOUMAH Aissatou, who came to drink at the fountain after her brisk walk on the track, said: “At the Bluezone, day and night, one always finds something to do.”