Transform Africa : a shared vison

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Carry the word of an Africa on the move, innovative with youth undertaking. That was the goal of the conference on new partnerships, held in August 2014, on the sidelines of the US-Africa in Washington. The Bolloré group was represented locally by its subsidiary BlueLine Guinea and its representative Kadija BAH. A joint initiative of ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ ‘and’ ‘Africa 2.0’ ‘whose theme was “Africa: new models of partnership for growth.”

photo kadiaja washinton

The primary objective of this conference was to support the youth, encourage them to dare and to take more responsibility. Through innovation and use of new technologies, states were asked to create new avenues of development in relation to ICT.

An ambition that echoes with all Blueline Guinea projects, through the creation of its bluezones fully autonomous in electricity, drinking water and broadband connected with Wi-Fi. A perfect agreement with the themes that were discussed at the conference which was attended by committed artists, entrepreneurs, renowned athletes and heads of state, including Guinea, Professor Alpha Conde.

The opening of Blue Incubators on Kaloum and tomorrow Dixinn, real laboratories for new solutions to development, lays the foundation for an accelerated development, enabling the emergence of young entrepreneurs. With a new dynamic of investment, the economic potential of Guinea will be unleashed and thus support the transformation of the economy and job creation.